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**Artistic handcrafted natural gemstone chain of necklaces** (RETAIL/ WHOLESALE)

- Chinese knots combined with wide range of colorful natural gemstones in classic and contemporary styles.

- Total length : around 35".

- The wearing length can be adjusted to act as different styles, such as short, long necklaces or as a belt.

- We welcome to any idea of design changed (such as color, length or gemstones which can be refered to here etc..)


For out-of-stock designs:

- Min. quantity : at least 20pcs for each design, total quantity need to be more than 100pcs.

- Lead time : 14 days for 100pcs.

For in-stock designs:

- Min. quantity : at least 50pcs for mixed designs

- Lead time : 2 days for handling delivery.

- Should you have any questions and please send email to contact us for details.